NEOMAD is a comic series created with the communtity of Roebourne, WA as a part of Big hART’s Yijala Yala Project. It’s a futuristic fantasy based on real places, real people and the world’s oldest continuing culture.

Set over three episodes, NEOMAD follows the story of the Love Punks, a group of techno savvy young heroes from the Pilbara who speed through a digitised desert full of spy bots, magic crystals, fallen rocket boosters and mysterious petroglyphs. Initially released as an interactive iPad app, the series is now also available in book form.

NEOMAD was created with the help of over 40 young people in the Ieramugadu (Roebourne) community through a series of workshops in scriptwriting, literacy, Photoshop, filmmaking and sound recording over an 18 month period. Award winning illustrator and interactive designer Stu Campbell (Sutu) spent over 500 hours teaching young students to apply a complex colouring system to more than 600 scenes to create NEOMAD. These young people, aged between 7 and 14, star in the comic as the Love Punks and the Satellite Sisters and assisted with the script, the dialogue and live film segments.

NEOMAD is set around Murujuga (the Burrup Peninsula), which is home to approximately one million petroglyphs (etched rock art), some of which are over thirty thousand years old. These ancient carvings are markings of food sources, ceremonial sites and spirituality. NEOMAD is one way the thousands of years of cultural heritage associated with Murujuga are now being interpreted using contemporary tools.

In NEOMAD Episode 1: Space Junk we meet the Love Punks, who are crammed on a hoverquad speeding through the desert, getting up to a bit of mischief and outsmarting the authorities. When a rocket booster falls from the sky branded with a fantastical petroglyph, the Love Punks are in for an adventure to find out its meaning. In Episode 2: The Last Crystal we meet the gravity-defying Satellite Sisters who are keeping an eye on their precious country from space, while on earth, the Love Punks spend time with the Rangers out at Murujuga learning where the petroglyphs come from. In Episode 3: Pork Chop Plots a gigantic tourist shuttle is heading towards a sacred constellation, and the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters have to save the world from intergalactic catastrophe!

NEOMAD has been presented at several Australian conferences, has been profiled widley through international media sites and journals and was featured in the Bucheon International Comic Festival in South Korea in 2012. In 2013 NEOMAD was a finalist in the New Media Awards in Los Angeles, was awarded ‘Best game/meultimedia production’ at the ATOM awards and was named by the prestigious Kirkus Reviews as one of the best books of 2013. Kirkus Reviews calls NEOMAD ‘dazzling’, and awards it the ‘Kirkus Star’, one of the most sought-after designations in the book industry, for ‘books of exceptional merit’.

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NEOMAD Porkchop Plots
March 25, 2014


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It’s nearly upon us! This weekend Satellite Sisters Layla and Ali along with Love Punks Garuwarra and Born Ready and Stu ‘SUTU’ Campbell are touching down at Oz Comic Con Perth. We are SO EXCITED about this opportunity to take NEOMAD to one of the most significant gatherings of comic lovers and makers in the country, […]

March 6, 2014

To Comic-Con, and Beyond!

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Comic-Con Perth, we’re coming for you! Oz Comic Con showcases a wealth of local and international talent and is an awesome opportunity to share NEOMAD with pop-culture fans at the biggest and the best expo of its kind in Australia. Love Punks Garuwarra and Born Ready will be joining Satellite Sister Ali to meet NEOMAD lovers […]

Hey that's us!
February 26, 2014

Read All About It!

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If you were in Perth over the last week then maybe you were lucky enough to get along to the Perth Writers Festival, or the inaugural INDIGital symposium. Yijala Yala Project collaborators Tyson Mowarin and Stuart Campbell wowed the crowd with their work on storytelling using innovative media, including interactive iPad  apps Warlu Song, Ngurrara […]