April 15, 2014

April brings an influx of visitors to Roebourne for further creative development of our stage production Hipbone Sticking Out. There are a lot of exciting things coming up for Hipbone and Yijala Yala Project over the coming months, so now is time to knuckle down! Associate Producer Laura Harris runs us through what’s been happening:

“The production team (Matt Cox, Genevieve Dugard, John O’Donnell, Scott Rankin and myself) have been making site visits to Murujuga (the Burrup Peninsula) and the yet to be completed Roebourne Cultural Centre to start planning for Hipbone’s hometown showing in September.  We haven’t settled on the exact location yet, but wherever it is it’s going to be a big show! The set and lighting designers have been visiting the State Theatre Centre of WA to start planning for the Perth season.

Read-throughs, rehearsal and script developments have been taking place with community cast members and visiting actors including Trevor Jamieson and Simon Gleeson. Nana Pansy and Nana Violet have been coming in to teach language for the songs in Hipbone that are sung in Ngarluma, while  Jane and Marion Cheedy have been teaching language and songs from the production that are in Yindjibarndi.”

Tangiora Hinaki from ABC Northwest WA dropped by to chat with some of the crew at rehearsals – read her story and listen to the interviews here, featuring Scott Rankin, Shaeola Toby, Patrick Churnside and Trevor Jamieson.

Here’s some of the Hipbone crew hard at work in last week…

IMG_0630 IMG_0615 IMG_0619 IMGS2214 IMGS2251

In other news, we’d like to congratulate one of our key collaborators – Tyson Mowarin of Weerianna Street Media, who was recently awarded the David Dolan Heritage Award for ‘Best Newcomer’. The work that Tyson has done with Yijala Yala Project, including the amazing interactive story Ngurrara, is only a small sample of his cultural contributions. Listen to this interview with Tyson by ABC North West WA to find out what he’s up to lately, and make a visit to Weerianna Street Media on Facebook.

We’d better get back to it, but if you haven’t already be sure to check out our latest digital story book ‘The Echidna and the Dress’ – a free download for iPad from the iTunes store. We’ve had some great feedback already – let us know what you think!

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