What We’re Up To This April

April 15, 2014
April brings an influx of visitors to Roebourne for further creative development of our stage production Hipbone Sticking Out. There are a lot of exciting things coming up for Hipbone and Yijala Yala Project over the coming months, so now is time to knuckle down! Associate... Read more

Hipbone Sticking Out opens in a month!

June 3, 2013
We’ve just had two weeks of intensive rehearsals up in Roebourne, the sets and costumes are being built in Sydney and on July 3rd we open at the Canberra Theatre! We’re ready, but are you? Have you got your tickets yet? They’re selling fast so... Read more

Love Punks In Canberra

February 12, 2013
Over the past week the Love Punks and the Yijala Yala crew descended upon Canberra. Its not everyday you get to meet a Love Punk, but Jenny Macklin and Prime Minister Gillard did. 11-year old Love Punks Baldhead and Supa Maxie and their grandmother Allery Sandy... Read more

Rehearsals in Roebourne for Hipbone Sticking Out

November 23, 2012
In October 2012 a creative development was held in Roebourne for theatre piece ‘Hipbone Sticking Out’. Scenes from the show were  rehearsed and read with different members of the community, who also took part in singing, percussion and dancing workshops. At the end of the... Read more

Creative Development

May 14, 2012
In the last week of April, a team of theatre, music and digital media professionals gathered in Roebourne to commence working on the Yijala Yala Project major performance piece, Hipbone Sticking Out. The week included the visitors being guided through the community of Roebourne, learning... Read more