May 1, 2012

Here are two short dance films we made last year.

River Girls is a collaboration between 18 young women from Roebourne and choreographer and director Mariaa Randall, filmmaker Sera Davies and composer Stuart Thorne. As the girls emerge from the banks and surrounds of the river, they venture within the secure environment of what is their Wunduwa (river). It being a gathering place to wonder, play, fish, swim, laze in the sun and dance. When the wind and laughter subside they slowly trace the landscape and return to their place within Ieramugadu.

This second film is called Where the Desert Meets the SeaAs the wind blows, movement begins – shifting red desert sands and small waves of a gently rippling sea. Two lone tribes dance – one with its feet lifting the sand and the other, the sea – dancing for their place and what is theirs. They are unaware of any other beings that may walk the earth, until they realise they are not alone.

Director/Choreographer Mariaa Randall collaborated with boys and girls in order to break down the barriers between different groups of young people and create a dance piece that would show the world the unique environment in which they live.

For more short films from this project please visit our Vimeo page


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