Hipbone Sticking Out is a major theatre production made with the community of Roebourne, Western Australia, as part of the Yijala Yala Project. It premiered in Canberra as part of the Centenary of Canberra in 2013, and in 2014 it toured to Roebourne, Perth and Melbourne.



At turns funny, wicked, beautiful, and gut wrenching, Hipbone Sticking Out sweeps across time with luminous animation, intricate music and layered narrative to deliver a mesmerising theatrical ride.Humming with Pilbara energy, Hipbone Sticking Out spins the globe upside down and sets its teeth rattling to the tune of The Clash, The Stranglers, Britney Spears, sea shanties and traditional songs of the Pilbara in glorious six-part harmony. Set against the backdrop of Murujuga – the world’s largest outdoor rock art gallery – a stellar cast creates a tour de force story beginning in 1602 that places the Pilbara at the centre of world history.

In the town of Roebourne a young man, John Pat, scuffles with police, hits his head on the footpath and is left in a police lockup. He finds himself travelling through time from the beginning, meeting Greco/Roman Gods, tracing the spice routes, the exploration of the Indian Ocean, the paintings of Vermeer, the pop music of 1800’s, the coming of ghost people to Ngarluma country, slavery, pearling, new law, ancient law, and the mining boom of the present. During the performance John Pat’s family hold the truth of this story in their hands as witnesses. Like all Big hART’s pieces it will make you laugh and cry and touch you with its candid authenticity.

Hipbone Sticking Out is the culmination of over three years of creative collaboration between the community of Roebourne and Big hART, who over the last two years has brought Australian audiences to their feet with Namatjira. It forms part of the larger Yijala Yala Project, which is supported and encouraged by cultural leaders and the creative talent of this Pilbara community.

Hipbone is delivered by a dream cast including Trevor Jamieson (Pitjantjatjara), Lex Marinos (Greek/Australian), Maria Lurighi (Italian/Australian) and Yumi Umiumare (Japanese). The performance combines rich layered vocal harmonies, outrageous comic makeovers, messed up ensemble movement, striking digital imagery, sweeping design and freestyle costuming to create a cosmopolitan work from the edge of the world.

“Visually spectacular…extremely moving, relevant and highly innovative…” – Barefoot Review

“A juxtaposition of dark humour and poignant honesty…perfectly balanced…” – BMA Magazine

“Charged with enegery…Pulses with life…” – Filmalice



The team that created Ngapartji Ngapartji, Namatjira, Nyuntu Ngali, StickybrickS and Junk Theory.

  • Writer/Director  Scott Rankin (Box the Pony, Ngapartji Ngapartji, Namatjira)
  • Associate Director  Luke Kernaghan (National Theatre of Scotland, Royal Shakespeare Company)
  • Musical Director  Nate Gilkes (Chants de Catacombes, Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert)
  • Choreographer  Yumi Umiumare (Butoh Cabaret, Ngapartji Ngapartji, Tokyo DasSHOKU Girl)
  • Co-Choreographer  Adelina Larsson (QL2, Strut Dance Choreographic Centre)
  • Set Design  Genevieve Dugard (Belvoir, Opera Australia, Bangarra Dance Theatre)
  • Costume Design  Tess Schofield (Cloudstreet, The Diary of a Madman, The Sapphires)
  • Lighting Design  Matt Cox (Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare)
  • Sound Design  Jed Silver (Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir, Circque Du Soleil)
  • AV/Video Design  Benjamin Ducroz (London International Animation Festival, Asian Art Biennale, MTV)

Performance Ensemble: Dudley Billing, Martin Crewes, Cho Cleary, Shareena Clanton, Sheridan Harbridge, David Hewitt, Trevor Jamieson, Maria Lurighi, Lex Marinos, Natalie O’Donnell, Yumi Umiumare, Michael Whalley, with performers from the Roebourne communityincluding Josie Alec, Patrick Churnside, and Allery Sandy.


Hipbone Sticking out

At turns funny, wicked, beautiful, and gut wrenching, Hipbone Sticking Out sweeps across time with luminous animation, intricate music and layered narrative to deliver a mesmerising theatrical ride.

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Hipbone Sticking Out


NEOMAD is a comic series created with the communtity of Roebourne, WA as a part of Big hART’s Yijala Yala Project. It’s a futuristic fantasy based on real places, real people and the world’s oldest continuing culture.

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For the past four years, Big hART has been working with prisoners in Roebourne Regional Prison on writing and recording music that celebrates their life, community and culture.

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