“A mighty show that will become a milestone in Australian theatre.”

David Zampatti – The West Australian full review


“Big hART’s Hipbone Sticking Out is gobsmacking in its ambition and its achievement. It’s a landmark work of Australian theatre that writes its own rules (and then breaks them).”

Alison Croggon – ABC Arts full review


“The ambition is staggering and laudable.”

Rebecca Harkins-Cross – Sydney Morning Herald full review


“Hipbone Sticking Out is a joyous, moving, life-altering piece of theatre that refuses to be anything but raw and unflinching in its view of history, and nothing short of hopeful in its outlook.”

Byron Bache – The Herald Sun full review


“Hipbone’s triumph is that this is not a story about victims.”

Diana Bossio – The Conversation full review


“The ‘imported’ cast are uniformly excellent, and those from the Roebourne community are a revelation. The sets, costumes, sound and visual effects are stunning, the technical production faultless.”

David Zampatti – The West Australian full review


“An intensely creative and constantly engaging Festival show, confronting and challenging.”

Nerida Dickinson, Australian Stage full review


“This is all because of the committed partnership that has slowly developed between the artists and the community, and the artistic work is thus truthful and deeply affecting. Hipbone is marked by sadness but also brims with humour, warmth and a celebration of the local people and their living heritage.”

Andrew Stephens, The Age full review


“Ambitious vision, tragic themes and excellent performances combine in a piece of theatre as complex as the relationship between black and white Australia.”

Van Badham, The Guardian full review


“An incredibly important and dazzlingly brilliant show” @kjginnane via Twitter


“Unmissable, pick of the festival. Incredibly ranging from sharp satire, magical music and deep sorrow” @bhakthi via Twitter


“Made every other piece of theatre I’ve seen seem like a waste of stage space. So cheeky, dirty, moving, uplifting and riotously funny.” James Gill, via email


“The story of this country is a very difficult one to tell, and I am being honest when I say I don’t think it has ever been told so well. Epic, but focused. Punching, but cheesy. Polished, but raw. Sad, but funny. To throw the story back on white Australia – simple and obvious as it sounds – is a masterstroke on your part.” Steven Davies, via email


Hipbone Sticking out

At turns funny, wicked, beautiful, and gut wrenching, Hipbone Sticking Out sweeps across time with luminous animation, intricate music and layered narrative to deliver a mesmerising theatrical ride.

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Hipbone Sticking Out


NEOMAD is a comic series created with the communtity of Roebourne, WA as a part of Big hART’s Yijala Yala Project. It’s a futuristic fantasy based on real places, real people and the world’s oldest continuing culture.

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For the past four years, Big hART has been working with prisoners in Roebourne Regional Prison on writing and recording music that celebrates their life, community and culture.

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