Josie Alec
John Bennett (Musician)
Patrick Churnside
Shareena Clanton
Nelson Coppin
Max Coppin
Martin Crewes
Maverick Eaton
Sheridan Harbridge
Pansy Hicks
Trevor Jamieson
Alison Lockyer
Lex Marinos
Natalie O’Donnell
Allery Sandy
Shaeola Toby
Yumi Umiumare
Jaymee-lee Walters
Michael Whalley


Live effects and Vocal Accompaniment 

Dudley Billing
Cho Cleary
Nate Gilkes
David Hewitt
Maria Lurighi


Creative Team

Kathryn Baker – Additional costume design
Benjamin Ducroz – Vision designer
Genevieve Dugard – Set designer
Matt Cox – Lighting designer
David Hewitt – Live effects artist
Genevieve Lacey – Music advisor
Adelina Larsson – Co-choreographer
Scott Rankin – Writer/Director
Tess Schofield – Costume designer
Jeremy Silver – Sound designer
Yumi Umiumare – Co-choreographer



Gina Bianco – Stage manager
Jane Cheedy – Yindjibarndi cultural advisor & translator
Kasey Cheedy – Artist support
Elspeth Blunt – Community director
Chynna Campbell – Community liaison
Marion Cheedy – Yindjibarndi cultural advisor & translator
Wah Cheung – Graphic designer/Artist support
Barbara Churnside – Ngarluma cultural advisor
Patrick Churnside – Ngarluma cultural advisor
Stephen Crossley – Head mechanist
Lorna Earl – Stage manager
Carley Gigliardi – Radio mic technician
Tony Gordon – Lighting programmer
Tom Hall – AV programmer/Technician
Tim Hamer – Sound operator
Laura Harris – Producer
Pansy Hicks – Ngarluma cultural advisor & translator
Marcus Kelson – Production associate
Luke Kernaghan – Associate director
Karina McKenzie – Stage manager
Debra Myers – Creative producer, Yijala Yala Project
Yolande Norris – Communications & marketing support
John O’Donnell – Production manager
Esther Pat – Story witness & advisor
Masie Pat – Story witness & advisor
Mavis Pat – Story witness & advisor
Kristian Pithie – Company manager
Pansy Sambo – Yindjibarndi cultural advisor & translator
Josie Samson – Ngarluma cultural advisor & translator
Violet Samson – Ngarluma cultural advisor & translator
Allery Sandy – Yindjibarndi cultural advisor & translator
Sarah Stait – Stage management
Bridie Wilkinson – Touring wardrobe manager


Costume Department  

Zoe Davis, Melanie Gillbank, Rosemary Grant, Melanie Liertz, Robyn Murphy, Katy Robinson Steph Wigens with special thanks to Rosie Boylan for her millinery expertise and Jodie Morrison of Steppin’ Out for the footwear magic.


Community Partners

Gurrgura Pty Ltd
IBN Group
Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation
Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation
Kuruma Marthudunera Limited
Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation
Ngarda Media
Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation
Ngarluma Yindjibarndi Foundation Limited
Roebourne District High School
Roebourne Regional Prison
Weerianna Street Media
Yaburara & Coastal Mardudhunera Aboriginal Corporation
Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation


Hipbone Sticking out

At turns funny, wicked, beautiful, and gut wrenching, Hipbone Sticking Out sweeps across time with luminous animation, intricate music and layered narrative to deliver a mesmerising theatrical ride.

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Hipbone Sticking Out


NEOMAD is a comic series created with the communtity of Roebourne, WA as a part of Big hART’s Yijala Yala Project. It’s a futuristic fantasy based on real places, real people and the world’s oldest continuing culture.

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For the past four years, Big hART has been working with prisoners in Roebourne Regional Prison on writing and recording music that celebrates their life, community and culture.

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Digital Story books

Digital Story Books


Love Punks Game