May 12, 2012

First there was the Love Punks zombie film. Then there was the Love Punks online game. Now everyone in Roebourne wants to be a Love Punk! These 7-13 year olds weren’t content with just being film stars and creating their own game, so now they’ve opened up the gang and have branched out into junk percussion! Then they went on to create NEOMAD!

Through their involvement in weekly music workshops at the Roebourne District Highschool with Dudley, some of the students took a particular shining to percussion and began jamming after school. Together they came up with a backing track using iPad applications and started practicing on a huge junk percussion rig with Ben and Dudley. The new Junk Punks had to come up with their own punk identities and design their own costume and makeup with Chynna.

After heaps of rehearsals in our donga (now our jam room), two film shoots with everyone helping out in the blazing Pilbara sun, a week of recording extra bangs and shouts – we are all very proud to present the latest film from the Yijala Yala Project- THE JUNK PUNKS! To read more about the Love Punks evolution click here.

You can also view more videos and clip on the Big hART & Yijala Yala Projects on our Vimeo page here.

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