June 19, 2013
NEOMAD_iTune_Button_Ep03 NEOMAD_Ep03

We are ridiculously excited to announce the finale of NEOMAD – Pork Chop Plots is now available on iTunes to download for the iPad. Create with and by community of Roebourne, this outback sci-fi adventure is based on real characters in a fictional context.

In the grand finale a gigantic tourist spaceship called ‘The Mena Ironheart’ sets course for a sacred constellation, little do they know they’re flying towards imminent danger. Can the Love Punks and the Satellite Sisters steer them away from intergalactic catastrophe and save the day?

NEOMAD is jam pack with extras and behind the scene documentaries of the Love Punk and Satilttle Siter, Download the NEOMAD comic on your iPad  at iTunes here.

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