June 4, 2013

Since our last post we’ve filmed out on Murujuga with the (real life) Rangers, launched NEOMAD Episode 2: The Last Crystal, completed the final NEOMAD film and we’re almost ready to launch the last ever episode of NEOMAD called Episode 3: Pork Chop Plots! Episode 3 sees a gigantic tourist shuttle called the Mena Ironheart flying towards a dangerous constellation and it’s up to the Love Punks, Nana Tootie, the Satellite Sisters and even the Segs to work together to prevent intergalactic catastrophe!

It’ll be launched on June 24th, but meantime, check out these wicked snaps taken by photographer Curtis Taylor. Our good buddies at Weerianna Street Media invited some of the Love Punks out to Murujugua (the Burrup Peninsula, where lots of NEOMAD is set) to spend some time with the Rangers from the Murujuga Land and Sea Unit. Yep, they exist in real life too!

Love Punk Garuwarra on Murujuga

Garuwarra poses for the camera

Baldhead, SupaMaxie and Garuwarra on Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula) with the Rangers

Love Punk Baldhead on the Burrup

Baldhead on the Burrup (Murujuga)

We recently launched NEOMAD Episode 2: The Last Crystal in Roebourne. Heaps of families came down for a feed and to see all the kids involved in making the comic get up on stage to receive their awards. Daniel Kalms from our project sponsor, Woodside-operated Pluto LNG, officially launched the event and we also heard some beautiful live music from Emma Donovan, who was in town working on our Prison Music Program. The rangers also gave a few words of encouragement to all the kids who worked hard to help create NEOMAD.

NEOMAD Episode 2 launch in Roebourne

Some of the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters who were involved in NEOMAD

If you haven’t updated to Episode 2 then do it now for free, or if you haven’t even checked out Episode 1 yet, buy it here.

NEOMAD Episode 2 introduces the gravity defying Satellite Sisters, who monitor their precious country from space. Here are two of the Satellite Sisters talking about the making of Episode 2.

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