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MURRU – A unique compilation album featuring Shellie Morris, Archie Roach, Emma Donovan, The Last Kinection, John Bennett, Harry Hookey, Bill Chambers & Lucky Oceans

The Yijala Yala Project has brought together some of Australia’s most celebrated Indigenous singer-songwriters and talented non-Indigenous blues, folk and alt-country aficionados to work with prisoners and community members from the remote Pilbara town of Roebourne.  The album is a tribute to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of 16-year old John Pat in a police cell in Roebourne on the 28th September 1983, and to raise funds to fulfil his mother’s wish to build a memorial for him in what was his home town.

“There is so much history, so much to be done, so much that has been done, that each song and each lyric has a whole lot of history behind it; many loved ones, many families, so many songlines are behind the words on this album, I am truly proud to have been part of it.” Shellie Morris

“These songs are as true as they come. They have not been written so much as they have been lived. It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of their creation.” Harry Hookey

The music collaboration – which includes the talents of John Bennett, Shellie Morris, Emma Donovan, Archie Roach, Lucky Oceans, Harry Hookey, Bill Chambers, The Last Kinection, Trevor Jamieson and David Hyams  – is the result of over two and a half years of music workshops in the Roebourne Regional Prison and the community. Throughout 2013 professional musicians and singer/songwriters were invited to collaborate on song-writing with prisoners and community members to write and record tracks for Murru.

13 tracks with full-colour artwork and liner notes.