February 26, 2014
Tyson onstage at INDIGital, with Ngurrara on screen

Tyson onstage at INDIGital, with Ngurrara on screen

If you were in Perth over the last week then maybe you were lucky enough to get along to the Perth Writers Festival, or the inaugural INDIGital symposium. Yijala Yala Project collaborators Tyson Mowarin and Stuart Campbell wowed the crowd with their work on storytelling using innovative media, including interactive iPad  apps Warlu Song, Ngurrara and NEOMAD. Stuart dropped us a line yesterday:

“It’s been a busy four days at the Perth Writers Festival. Lots of people telling me how much they loved seeing the young people from Roebourne (aka the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters) in the films and in the comics. We even had Warwick Thornton telling us how much of a fan he is. I’m heading back to Roebourne now. We got lots of work to do on our new story ‘Echidna and the Dress’ which will be coming out in April. Stay tuned!”

On Monday we were stoked to open the paper and find a big story on Yijala Yala Project, sharing the story of the Love Punks, Satellite Sisters and how NEOMAD came to be along with a bunch of great photos. Thanks to Roger Stitson and The Age – you can read his full article online HERE

Finally, a big hello to all those checking out the Yijala Yala Project for the first time – it’s been great to make a few new friends recently. You might like to download the NEOMAD iPad app if you haven’t yet got it? It’s available for free during February!

Hey that's us!

Hey that’s us!

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